Flight FI644 IAD-KEF

True Story: About a year ago, I was making my morning commute when I noticed this praying mantis on my windshield.  He was holding on for dear life as I whipped around curvy country roads at 50 mph, and I swear I kept seeing his head tilting to look directly at me…. cursing me, clearly. But, by some grace of the praying mantis gods, the little guy made it alive and intact! I tried to imagine what was going through his mind; he must have been disoriented as all get-out considering he probably lived his whole life in a one-mile radius up until that point, and here I just took him on a seventeen-mile joyride…

Today, I feel like that praying mantis.

It is sort of mind-blowing how, in the time it takes to watch a couple of documentaries and flip through the Sky Mall magazine, I can be transported from a runway in Washington, D.C., to a completely different world of geothermal energy, puffins, and Dottirs.

It is currently Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 00:31 EDT. I have not slept a wink yet, know there is only another two hours to this flight and that I should get some sleep, but at this point, what is the difference between two hours and no hours?

Here was my view out the window around 00:31 EDT when we were basically due south of Greenland:


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