Men In Black: 3D

Sharon and I saw Men in Black 3D yesterday at Katuaq!  On the walk home we said that while we did not think we would be living a primitive lifestyle here, we definitely did not imagine that an average afternoon would include casually seeing a 3D movie!  To be honest, life has been downright normal here! Again, I did not think I would be stepping back in time or anything, but I did think I would have to make at least a few serious lifestyle adjustments.  So far the only thing that has really taken getting used to is not being able to pick up my iPhone at any time to make a phone call or send a text message.  I mean, technically I could by a local SIM card here and get all those luxuries, but I think life is probably better without the 24/7 connectivity.  But not to worry, if I am feeling “disconnected” I can always pick up my Mac Book Pro and get on the internet to and send emails 🙂 I can even Skype or FaceTime every once in a while!

I will say that I think this feeling of normalcy is accentuated by living with Pia & Ulrik & Aviaja who live a very European lifestyle (in my opinion) and also by working at a company where all the employees but one are European.  I think my experience would not have been the same if I had lived in a Danish-Greenlandic household, or even a completely Greenlandic household.  But maybe I am wrong to attribute it to the ethnicity.  Maybe it is more about WHERE I live and work rather than WITH WHOM I live and work… but then again maybe those themselves are related to ethnicity… I have not figured that out yet.

I can say with certainty that Nuuk is a very curious city.  I have only been here eleven days now, but if I had to choose one word to describe everything so far, it would be MIXTURE.

This can be seen in the lifestyle of being surrounded by the latest Apple gadgets and nice furnishings while still going out to hunt and fish so that you have a season’s worth protein supply.  And less than half the roads in the entire country (which do not connect any towns or settlements to each other, by the way) are paved.

This can be seen in the people – a lot of the children here are first generation Danish-Greenlandic mix.  The children can range anywhere from still looking very Inuit with dark hair, dark eyes, and round faces to being blonde or red-headed with blue eyes and freckles.  I would say that it is more common to see a Dane married to a Greenlander than it is to see a Dane married to a Dane or a Greenlander married to a Greenlander!


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