Kingittorsuaq Hiking Trip

(From Saturday 9 June – Sunday 10 June, 2012)

On Friday, my coworker, Jesper, invited me to go on a hiking/camping trip with him and a few friends.  I, of course, accepted because I have been itching to get out on the mountains, and going with locals is the best way to do it!

We met at the harbor and sailed about 30 minutes south to a place called Uppik, a small little inlet a few fjords over.  It was actually very close to where I sailed last weekend in Kobbefjord.  The mountain we were to hike, Kingittorsuaq, looks over the mouth of Kobbefjord.  We had to sail to the backside of the mountain, though, because the water in the fjord was too deep to drop an anchor.

After unpacking the boat, setting up camp, and preparing a bit of lunch, we set out on our way at approximately 11.45.  After maybe fifteen minutes, we came to a small stream and debated all the paths to cross it.  Everyone decided to take off boots and jsut cross the river barefoot.  The water was crisp and cold, but it was not unbearable.

About half of the mountain was a mix of mossy, small-brush cover (some of which was still covered with snow patches) and then the top half was much rockier, with the very top actually more like boulders. The summit elevation is 1.184 meters (3,885 feet), and there is a faux summit, of sorts; when you get to what you think is the summit, you see that actually you have to hike down a little bit and then back up to the true summit.

We actually only made it to about 1.160 meters because there was still quite a bit of snow at the top, and we did not have poles. Here are pictures from our highest point.

In total, the hike up and back down was 7.5 hours.  Not bad! We promptly made a fire and cooked up our meats, chatted a bit around the fire, and made hearth bread.

In the morning we took our time to enjoy the big sky and eat breakfast before packing up and sailing back to town. It was a great trip filled with lots of beauty and some physical challenge, and I was so thankful to Jesper for inviting me!

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5 thoughts on “Kingittorsuaq Hiking Trip

  1. Incredible trip! Trust that you have located the cobbler in Nuuk or found some super glue to fix your boots. love, mom & dad

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