Nationaldag (Taste of Greenland)

(From Thursday 21 June 2012)

Today was an early day.  The Taste of Greenland film crew, Ace & Ace, went on a mission to film National Day activities around town, but I think perhaps they were not as successful as hoped because of bad weather.  Also, from the looks of the daily program, it seems that National Day is not really a celebratory day but rather is much more serious and formal.  Practically the only way one could tell there was anything out of the ordinary on this day is that beer could not be sold until after kl 18.00!

Anders and I spent the morning driving around to the airport and different hotels in search of tourists to interview.  I felt a little like I was in the movie Twister or on a wildlife photo shoot – ready to hit the pavement on a moment’s notice because a rare species of Greenland tourist was spotted across town!

At lunchtime, the name of the game became “Be Ready for Anything and Go With the Flow”!  Originally, I booked a flight so that I would fly to Uummannaq tomorrow with the rest of the Taste of Greenland crew.  But in an effort to make last-minute plans to get the Royal Greenland team to Uummannaq as well, there were a few switcheroos!  So I packed all my things and got to the airport ready to fly to Uummannaq this afternoon, a day early.  Unfortunately, a great fog came in (which I later learned was quite epidemic all up and down the West coast), and it took three hours to determine that the twice-delayed flight would be cancelled all together.  I guess the Air Greenland gods were determined to keep me in Ilulissat!

So I made my way back to Hotel Arctic, secured a couple more tourist interviews, and then joined some of the Taste of Greenland crew for drinks at Café Ferdinand.  Dinner was quite fun and delicious – we had the Catch of the Day plate – hellefisk with rice, julienne carrots, and wild asparagus in a Massamun curry sauce.


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