That’s A Wrap! (Taste of Greenland)

(From Friday 29 June 2012)

Today was a very relaxed day.  I did tourist interviews with cruise passengers most of the day (definitely easier than doing land-based interviews because they are much shorter) while the Taste of Greenland crew went up in a helicopter to do some amazing aerial shots of the Ice Fjord, etc.  They got to see a pristine lake on top of the glacier as well as a humpback whale very close to the surface of the water!  I happened to bump into them in the late afternoon on their way to go sailing, so I tagged along.  We went out on a large boat to go ice fishing – and by that I mean literally fishing pieces of ice out of the water with a net!  They melt it down and use it for bottled water and also for making Isfiord Vodka!

Then we drove around town looking for pretty views and filmed some quick “tourist” shots, and then the four of us had a lovely dinner at Hotel Icefiord.  I was definitely getting a little sad thinking about this being the end of the road of Episode 5 (and Taste of Greenland on the whole).  In the last ten days, I had so much fun and really felt so lucky to have been a small part of the experience!  As I said before, it was personally special for me to meet the Ace & Ace team since they produced the video that inspired me to come to Greenland, but also some of them have been friends and working together for twenty years, and you can definitely feel the closeness!  If I am sad thinking about it being the end, I cannot even imagine how everyone else is feeling!

That’s a wrap on Taste of North Greenland – Skål!


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