Whale Sighting! Last Sailing Trip of the Season

We unexpectedly got the boat on the Sunday after the God Tur party because the others who co-own the boat came home from hunting early.  So we headed north into Godthåbsfjord to do some fishing, and Pia casually said, “It would be nice to see a whale…” and then all of a sudden, literally just moments later, Ulrik says, “There’s a whale!!” We thought he was joking, but he wasn’t! So then we detoured from fishing and went whale watching! We followed it for probably close to an hour and got quite close to it. I kept just missing a good tail fluke shot, so I kept saying, “One more time, one more time!” I finally got the shot I wanted which makes me happy! And this was the best whale sighting I had had in my time here! I think it was actually only the sixth time in eighteen weeks that I had seen a whale… twice in the Colonial Harbor from a pretty far distance while I was at work, once from the balcony in Qinngorput from a very far distance, once in Ilulissat from a pretty close distance, once on the Sarfaq Ittuk ferry near Aasiaat from a pretty far distance, and this time – a close distance! So yeah, this was the best whale experience I had in Greenland, and it was just in the nick of time!!


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