Rasmus Lyberth & Aviaja Lumholt Concert at Hotel Hans Egede

(From 1 September 2012)

Hotel Hans Egede had a Jubilee event to celebrate its 25th year, and Pia, Sharon, and I got tickets.  They were 349 DKK each.  It started with a nice three course dinner – smoked trout for the appetizer, muskox for the main course, and handmade ice cream for dessert.  Then there was quite a bit of waiting time – two hours, I think! – before the music began. Aviaja Lumholt opened for an hour, and I actually liked her performance much more than Rasmus Lyberth’s!  She has a very cool style, and she is fearless on stage!  She would get so into the music and her dancing it was like she forgot she was being watched!  She finished with an interpretation of traditional mask dancing which was awesome!  By the time Rasmus Lyberth came on stage it was midnight and we had been there since 7 PM! So we did not stay very long, perhaps an hour, because we were tired from waiting but also from the party the night before.

For me, Aviaja Lumholt was the best part of the evening, followed by the meal so I could taste the Sarfalik food, and Rasmus Lyberth was the low point!


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