Final Stop: East Greenland

(From Tuesday 23 April 2013)

East Greenland will always be special for me simply because it is the very first place where my feet touched Greenland soil almost one year ago on Saturday 26 May 2012.  A stop in East Greenland was not in the original flight plan that day, but the headwind was strong so we needed to refuel before we reached Nuuk.  It was exhilarating to step out of Qarsoq, our little Air Greenland Dash-8 propeller plane, that day! The mountains were still so white, even in May; the Arctic air was so crisp; the sky was so blue… it was love at first sight for me!

We were on the ground for less than 30 minutes, but still it was nice to just get a mental image of East Greenland. I can still remember spotting sea ice from the window of the plane – that was a first for me. Soon we were landing on the short airstrip right in the middle of the mountain peaks.  Below are a few pictures I took back in May 2012.

First Sea Ice


In the past year, I have heard a lot about East Greenland – it has a different language than on the west coast; it is the ‘wildest of the wild’; it is significantly less populated; it is a favorite starting point for the adventurous (not to mention extremely brave) souls who endeavor to cross the Greenland Ice Sheet and to complete other expeditions of a lifetime…

I have not been to East Greenland since my very first day in Greenland, so I am really looking forward to getting back there and experiencing firsthand everything that I have heard!


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