PHOTO GALLERY: Signs/Menus Around Ilulissat

Suggestions for Proper Tourist Behavior posted at Ilulissat Hostel (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2604

Front Desk Hours at Hotel Icefiord (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2409

Many, many signs with practical information posted at Ilulissat Hostel (Spring 2013)IMG_2418 IMG_2417 IMG_2416 IMG_2415

Opening Hours and Menus for Restaurant Mamartut (Taken Summer 2013)IMG_4508


Information about Greenlandic Buffet at Restaurant Mamartut (Taken Summer 2013) – I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THE GREENLANDIC BUFFET IS ONLY SERVED DURING THE SUMMER SEASONIMG_4510

Opening Hours at Icy Cafe (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2414

Pizza Menu at Hotel Hvide Falk (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2449

Happy Hour Menu at Hotel Icefiord (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2473

Menu at Cafe Iluliaq (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2597

Menu at Naleraq (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2602 IMG_2603

Example of Buffet Menu at Naleraq (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2600

Examples of Daily Specials at Restaurant Ulo and/or Cafe Ferdinand at Hotel Arctic (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2592


Menu for Cafe Ferdinand at Hotel Arctic (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2419

Menu at Restaurant Ulo at Hotel Arctic (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2420

Opening Hours for Ilulissat Hallen (Gym/Sports Hall) (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2509

Opening Hours for Ilulissat Art Museum (Taken Spring 2013) IMG_2574

Opening Hours for Knud Rasmussen Museum (Taken Spring 2013) IMG_2581

What the outside of the Craft Workshop looks like… Directions: With Ilulissat Tourist Nature on your right, walk downhill and this building is on the right (Taken Spring 2013)IMG_2650 IMG_2652


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