VIDEO: Pioneering People in Greenland

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.18.59 AMPhoto credit: Village Culture in Greenland – Rough. Real. Remote. video

Last year, Destination Arctic Circle released a five-part series of short films highlighting everything from the BMX biking trend in Sisimiut to fly fishing in pristine mountain rivers in the backcountry.

Click here to see one of my favorite videos of all – Village Culture in Greenland. PS – the singer is my oh-so-talented colleague, Mads Lumholt!

To view the other videos in the series, see the Rough. Real. Remote. vimeo page.

Happy watching!


4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Pioneering People in Greenland

  1. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t make it to Itilliq, but the scenes remind me of one or two of the stops that I did make. The great line of the video based upon my experiences is “It may not be easy to get here, but it is much harder to leave again.”

    Some day I will get back!

    • Thanks Sheikh! It seems your comment came via Instagram somehow. Follow Visit Greenland on Instagram (and Twitter and Facebook) at @ilovegreenland. Follow me on Instagram at @polarphile!

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