The Great North Greenland Dogsledding Race 2014

Spring is here, and it is the season for dogsledding! There is plenty of snow, frozen sea ice, and most importantly, sunshine. For Greenlanders, dogsledding is a way of life and a trusted mode of transportation, but it can also be just plain fun!!

North Greenland holds an annual dogsledding race, called Avannaata Qimussersua in Greenlandic, and it takes place in Ilulissat tomorrow (29 March 2014).

Dogsled teams have been doing trials all month long in preparation, and the qualifying teams from around the coast are now ready for competition. Any guesses as to how they get to Ilulissat?

Here’s a clue.

Sled dogs Sikorsky 2

Some of them fly!

Here are a few dogsled teams ready for transport via Kussak, one of Air Greenland’s beautiful Sikorsky S-61N helicopters. The weather should be cool with plenty of sunshine tomorrow, so here’s wishing all competitors, inuk and canine, a fantastic race!!!

Sled dogs Sikorsky Sled dogs Sikorsky 3

All photo credits: Air Greenland Facebook page


5 thoughts on “The Great North Greenland Dogsledding Race 2014

  1. Oh man, I’d love to see this and feel the energy of all the dogs! I was in Ilulissat last year at this time and am really missing it!

    • Once you have seen Greenland, you will always miss it!

      That is funny – I was also in Ilulissat at this time last year. I’m sure we must have passed each other! Do you ever remember being asked for an interview about your trip in Greenland 😀

      Also, you may have just missed the Dogsledding Race last year. It was on Saturday 23 March 2013.

      • You are so right! I left the Tues before the race, spent a week in Reykjavik before heading home where I found your blog shortly after. By the way, love your pictures and insights!

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I did read through your blog post, also, and it sounds like you had a lovely trip! I was quite surprised when I got to the portion about visiting the Kingdom Hall in Ilulissat. My mother-in-law is also a Jehovah’s Witness, so I sent her the link to your blog immediately. Now she’s gung-ho to get to Greenland 😉


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