Check Out the Brand New Version of! Now LIVE!

Kangerlussuaq-03Where else in the world can you fly low and slow over an Ice Sheet, sensing that you can somehow see millennia right before your eyes? Flightseeing in Greenland is just one of many activities you can experience here! Photo by Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland. 

Check out the brand-new version of, the official tourism site for Greenland – now LIVE and more impressive than ever!

Sermitsiaq.AG, a national newspaper, calls the new website “a more modern and visually beautiful edition” (translated).

Do you ever wonder if you can fulfill your greatest travel dreams and wishes in Greenland? Perhaps you are an avid trekker looking for a long walk in the nature to get away from the hustle of everyday life? Or maybe you’re a world history fanatic who loves to learn about cultures different from your own? The Things to Do pages show you exactly how you can make your greatest interests a reality in Greenland, as well as open your world to dozens of other activities that are possible in this beautiful country!

Or maybe you are already dreaming of Greenland but would like to know where the hotspots and best places to experience the Big Arctic Five are? The Destinations pages lead you on a virtual trip around Greenland inspiring you with photos and short articles about nearly every town and village in Greenland!

There are also oodles of resources and tools on the website to help you Plan your Trip and learn more About Greenland.

(As a contributing author to the Things To Do and Destinations pages, I personally attest to the improved quality of photos and written content and user-friendliness of the entire website :))

Happy reading to you all! Or as one says in Greenlandic, Atuarluarisi!


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