Greenland: A Great Place to Find Your Own Inner Greatness

Through my work interviewing tourists in Greenland, I have met many that “use” Greenland to physically and mentally test themselves. They consider Greenland an extreme – the farthest, the most challenging, the coldest, and so on – so if they can do Greenland, then they can do anything! It’s a bit dramatic, but to each his own. I could certainly empathize with them, but I, myself, never saw Greenland as such a “tool”… until this summer.

Without particularly aiming for it, this summer became one filled with firsts and personal achievements for me. Now, the feeling of pushing myself to go further, get stronger, go higher, or go faster is totally addictive! Read more about my exciting experiences below.

I have been thinking a lot about who influences who. Is it the person, with an internal drive for new experiences and personal development, that finds adventures wherever he goes? Or is it the place, with such magnificent beauty and aura, that can inspire anyone to seek such opportunities? I like to think it is a bit of both and, therefore, just one way to explain why I feel that Greenland is a perfect home for me.

Well, summer is not quite over yet, but here’s a look at what made the last few months totally awesome!

What will YOU accomplish when you get to Greenland!?

  • First time to hike to the top of Ukkusissat! (And second, third, and fourth thereafter 🙂 )IMG_9368
  • First time to do CrossFit training, ever! (Totally addicted from Day 1, by the way)10592925_10152616422178599_4777609839452747718_nPhoto by: Lulu Høegh

They say the gym is the best place to meet people. I was aiming to expand my network a bit, and the X-Fit NUUK community at Nuuk Fitness did not disappoint. It is full of friendly, open, fun, and tough-as-nails men and women with whom I genuinely look forward to spending five hard hours every week!!

  • First time to kayak, in Greenland!foto (2)Photo by: Malik Milfeldt

It is one thing to have a fjord- or bay-view from everywhere in town, but entirely another to be on the water… literally! With just a thin layer of plastic between you and the cold, deep sea below, and armed with little more than a watertight survival suit and a paddle, you are the master of your own route. How liberating! 

Read more about the experiences that still sit waiting on my Greenland Bucket List!


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