Kaffemik Culture in Greenland

kaffemik 02

Kaffemik in Greenland is the ultimate in social gatherings. “Come glad and eat cake” the message, but it is what the invitation does not say which makes kaffemik more of a social staple than just a fun get-together. It’s a way to meet friends and friends of friends and be ‘out on the town’.

Good things to eat and drink are the common ground that brings community members together under the same roof and to the same table, but the root of kaffemik is a solidification of one’s bond to the celebrated one.

Kaffemik happens all year round to celebrate birthdays, graduations, marriages, holidays, and more. Here is an example of a beautiful kaffemik invitation to celebrate Confirmation. Written in Danish, translated to English below.


“Dear [Names],

It would be my great pleasure that you all come and celebrate my confirmation with me and my family.

I am holding my own open house on my Confirmation Day. 

Come and enjoy good food such as reindeer that I have shot myself and lovely accompaniments.

There will, of course, also be a lot of coffee & tea and tons of cakes.

19 April 2015 from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.


Kind regards,


Read more about Kaffemik in Greenland in my article on visitgreenland.com


3 thoughts on “Kaffemik Culture in Greenland

    • Hi Phil, thank you for your comments and your readership! I am not living in Greenland all the time; instead, I am constantly traveling back and forth between Greenland and the United States throughout the year. Sometimes I stay for 3-4 weeks and sometimes it is many months.

      You are very welcome to interview me for your blog. I just glanced through it and can see your recent Greenland posts 😉 By the way, the northern lights were VERY good in March (the best I have personally seen) at the same time as the solar eclipse was happening in the Faroe Islands – the skies certainly were alive at those days!

      I could write a 10 Surprising Things about Greenland if you like. Will you write this to me at my work e-mail so I have a better way to track this for future reference? sarah@greenland.com

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