A Surreal Serenade in Greenland

14136803876_ec1ca05fd9_k.jpg Photo credit: Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

Ever been moved to tears due to an absolutely unbelievable combination of music and nature? It happens all the time at AirZafari!

Music Therapy

Music is an incredible tool to highlight an experience, and often, if the association is strong enough, the memory is seared into your mind and comes through as clear as if it was just yesterday, upon hearing that same music again somewhere down the road.

Listening to music while flying is something that always transports me to another place mentally. The right tune paired with the right scene out the little window can be downright epic.

For about 2 years there I had a small compulsion to listen to ‘Kids’ by MGMT upon takeoff.

Or try listening to Adele’s new ‘Hello’ on repeat while landing over the national monuments of Washington, D.C. (Which I may or may not have just done.) It gets you.

A Surreal Serenade in Greenland

AirZafari knows all about the surreal experience of listening to beautiful music while looking to even more beautiful nature. They often play classical melodies through the headsets for travelers while they gaze down at the sheer vastness of Greenland’s landscape.

Check THIS VIDEO created from a flightseeing tour in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland with AirZafari.

There are no words.


8 thoughts on “A Surreal Serenade in Greenland

  1. Dear Sarah, I have never experienced listening to music while flying. I love them both. The video was amazing!! Beautiful and heavenly. Ruth


    • Ruth,

      Thanks for the comment! There’s still time and space for you to get to Greenland 😀 You can take the land tour or go by small expedition cruise ship. The flight seeing tours, like you see here, are available to all.


      • Mmm tempting because Ilulissat is very northern but $540 was a bit out my my price range until I found it on airbnb for £82 for a private room vs £339 for the whole house. Adding the airfares which are very high on airgreenland will still make a lot though.

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