New Expedition Sailing Company in Greenland

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HUGE NEWS!! This Polarphile’s adventures just took an extreme new turn!!

I am now an independent business owner! We have officially launched our new tourism company Greenland Expeditions by Land and Sea, offering sailing expeditions in Greenland on board our own beautiful wooden ship, Nakuak’. This is a dream realised together with my boyfriend Johan Arne Fleischer (@arcticwindow), and we are so excited to take our first voyage in summer 2018. Will you be our guests?!

This means that, after nearly six years, I will be leaving my beloved job at Visit Greenland in just a months’ time. It is a bittersweet feeling because it is the only work life I have ever known up here, but I am also so ready to dive into this new future.

Read more about our first sailing season, the ship and the route at


6 thoughts on “New Expedition Sailing Company in Greenland

  1. Hey Sarah:
    Great News! Your boat looks way better than the vessel we used in 2016 (arranged by our cruise ship L’Austral, a 200-passenger ship operated by the Ponant Cruise Line of France). If you haven’t already done so, you might want to contact that company and let them know of your availability. One of their ships passes through Ilulissat each year.

    Also, I sent your info to a friend who is an environmental filmmaker and may, or may not make a trip up there in the next couple years. She has talked about it, but hasn’t landed a sponsorship so far so it’s a long shot. Anyway, good luck on your new venture and keep posting.

    • Dear Robin,

      Thank you so much for the compliment! We appreciate any and all contacts and good leads anyone may have up their sleeve, so thank you also for passing the info onward.


  2. Hi Sarah
    The ship looks spectacular! I checked out the website and even a frightful land crab like me feels enticed. May I just suggest providing prices in other currencies and not only DKKs? I know a conversion from kronor to USD or EUR is one click away, but still… people are lazy. Ah, and a map! it might only be me, but I’m a sucker for maps. Especially if hand-drawn. That’d win me over!

    Good luck with your enterprise!


    • Hi Fabrizio,
      Thank you so much for the compliments and for your time to write this note with suggestions. Regarding posting alternative currencies – done 🙂 Regarding maps – there is a sea chart map posted at the bottom of every individual voyage day page. Go to “The Voyage” and scroll to the Day selector.
      Take care and I hope to welcome you on board one day!

      • Thanks Sarah, I failed to read that you could click the days and get to a different page. Boy, what places! It’s beautiful up there. And… maps! Yay.

        Well done!


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