Hiking In Greenland – Kingittorsuaq Mountain in Nuuk

  Beginning to scramble/use hands on the way up. Photo by: Raven Eye Photography – Visit Greenland The rush you get standing on top of a mountain is a special kind of adrenaline. Photo by: Raven Eye Photography – Visit Greenland KINGITTORSUAQ is … Continue reading


Hiking the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland

Photograph by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland. Summer is (nearly) upon us, which means it is almost prime hiking season in Greenland. Ski boots and winter jackets put away, hiking boots and gaiters unpacked! To some, hiking is what you call a relaxing … Continue reading

PHOTO GALLERY: Hiking Ukkusissat: Good enough to do 2x in 24 hours!

The beauty of Nuuk is that one minute you can be in the city and the next minute you are in the great outdoors! Shot by Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland, on 20 June 2014. If there was an official “Top 10 Things To … Continue reading

Autumn adventure along the Arctic Circle, Part 1

You know you’re in one of the best jobs on Earth when… it sends you to guide international agents through 200 km of the Arctic Circle from ice cap to coastline. It was a five-day adventure that (almost) made me … Continue reading

Why a scarf is the best accessory in Greenland

Wondering what to pack for your cosy winter getaway in Greenland?   Winter is that time of year when you struggle to look different any time you leave the house because you typically wear the same parka and the same … Continue reading

KangNu: 35 km Terrain Run in Nuuk

Last weekend (27 August 2016) I attempted and completed what, to date, is the toughest physical challenge I’ve ever asked my body to try before – a 35 km / 21 mi terrain run in the Nuuk backcountry, called the … Continue reading

Alpine Ski Touring in Greenland

 Photo by: Mads Pihl / Visit Greenland Adventure in Greenland comes in all varieties – backcountry hiking and cultural exploration in summer & autumn to exciting snow sports like snowmobiling and ski touring in winter & spring. I might be here a while … Continue reading


Tasiilaq, June/July 2015. Are there plants in Greenland? Yes, many! Like these little succulents that can be found in town all the way up to several hundred meters in the hills. Over the years there have been a lot of … Continue reading

Greenland: Summer versus Winter Photos

It truly is difficult for me to decide when Greenland is most beautiful during the year. Summer is fantastic with long days full of ever-changing light, water that sparkles like diamonds, and clear blue fjords. But winter is also extremely striking with lots of … Continue reading