Greenland in the Media


Want your newsfeed to give you stunning photographs and bite-size info about Greenland? Want to hear real-life Greenlanders’ personal views on the world? Want to read the official scoop on current events in Greenland? Then start following a few (or all) of the media channels below to get more Greenland in your daily life 🙂

* Note: Most of the writing is in Danish, but don’t fret if you can’t read this language. Google translate does a pretty decent job at translating Danish.

Here’s 7 Greenlanders’ blogs to follow! (If anyone knows of another I should add, please tell me!)

  • Greenlandic Foodlover – Anne Nivíka Grødem is a warm and resourceful woman writing about real and healthy food found right in her local grocery store in Nuuk. Her viewpoint is also about how food cultivates happiness. (Written in Danish)
  • – Mette Steenholdt is an intelligent, tough-as-nails, and beautiful woman writing about personal values and physical training. (Written in Danish)
  • – Aviaq Brandt is a beautiful and concerned citizen writing about how each person has the ability to make Greenland a happier place to live. (Written in Danish)
  • – Michael Binzer is a powerful CEO aiming to inspire others to achieve greatness for themselves and for their world. (Written in Greenlandic and Danish)
  • – Nini Biilmann is a strong and beautiful business woman writing with the perspective of a certified life coach about creating the best possible personal and professional life. (Written in Danish)
  • – Naja Steenholdt is an introspective and beautiful woman writing about personal life and the state of Greenland. (Written in English and Danish)
  • – “An Eskimo in Stilettos”. This writer is a beautiful and stylish woman writing about fashion, personal life, and travel. (Written in Danish)

Here’s many social media pages to follow for anything from inspirational photos to flight logistics! List expanding…

I Love Greenland Facebook page – inspirational photos and bite-size facts

I Love Greenland Instagram – inspirational photos

Greenland Today Facebook page – inspirational photos, bite-size facts, and links to articles in the print publication, Greenland Today.

Air Greenland Facebook page – information about air traffic, delays, etc. and the occasional inspirational photo or video

Greenland Fashion – Fashion in Greenland Facebook page – inspirational photos about modern Greenlandic clothing and designs

Here’s 2 local online news sources with the latest on politics and current issues in Greenland!

  • KNR – Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa, the Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation (also has Facebook page)
  • Sermitsiaq.AG

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