Where Can I See Northern Lights in Greenland?

8485463860_4dfd8e13a0_k Photo credit: Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

The short answer is: everywhere.

It’s firmly into the autumn season – snow has come to stay in most places and the mornings stay dark longer each day. Time to hibernate? Think again. Here’s one reason to welcome the darkness – it makes seeing Northern Lights easier!

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Northern Lights

Sometime between late August and early September the Northern Lights became very visible. I do not know exactly when – I think the first time I had gone to bed quite early and Ulrik knocked on my door to tell me to look out the window, but I was too tired to really stay up and watch. But on one night they were out in full force, and I got a few good pictures of them (for a digital camera, that is)!