“Life Below Zero” versus Greenland

P1010250 Photo taken 7 June 2013 in Uummannaq, Greenland (70*40’29″N)

Has anybody out there seen the show “Life Below Zero” that airs on the National Geographic channel? The show follows four people/families that live in backcountry Alaska, and it displays how they live off the land and provide for themselves out of necessity.

When my fiancé and I watch the show, he always asks, “Where is this in comparison to Greenland?” or “What city is at the same latitude in Greenland?” We look it up every week, and every time I forget the answer by the next episode! So, I have finally gotten wise, and I am writing it down once and for all. (See below).

My fiancé sees Kavik and the one, single woman living there, and he thinks she must be the furthest extent of humanity in the whole world! FUN FACT: In Greenland, roughly 6,500 people live north of the equivalent latitude. That is 11.5% of the population! In Greenland, people are living an additional 905 km/562 mi north of Kavik’s latitude – year-round… Talk about strong people!! I am proud to say that I have set foot on land 208 km/129 mi north of Kavik’s latitude (in summer)! Just another day at work… 🙂

Life Below Zero towns & their Greenland equivalents (based on latitude coordinates)

Kavik, Alaska (69*40’35″N… 347 km/216 mi above the Arctic Circle); Greenland equivalent: roughly Ataa, Greenland (no permanent inhabitants, but there are nice summer huts there for rent. North of Ilulissat and south of Eqi Glacier.)

Chandalar, Alaska (67*10’13″N… 68 km/42 mi above the Arctic Circle); Greenland equivalent: roughly Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (settlement pop. 547 on 1 July 2013)

Noorvik, Alaska (66*50’14″N… 31 km/19 mi above the Arctic Circle); Greenland equivalent: roughly Itilleq, Greenland (settlement pop. 78 on 1 July 2013, just south of Sisimiut)

Eagle, Alaska (64*47’15″N… 197 km/122 mi below the Arctic Circle); Greenland equivalent: roughly Ilulialik Fjord, Greenland (no permanent inhabitants), (north of Nuuk, at the bottom of Nuuk Fjord)