Nanook Concert

(From Saturday, 16 June 2012)

Went to my first Greenlandic concert and am so happy to say that it was to see Nanook, the band whose music pretty much epitomizes Greenland for me!  The venue was Manhattan Nightclub, which was a pretty snazzy place, even if it was small.  It had an electric blue bar, a balcony with nice leather soft seating areas, a laser light show, American hip hop music videos playing on flat screens, and a view straight into the beer tanks from the brewery (Godthab Bryghus) next door!  I went with Sharon, Pia, and Pia’s good friend, Katrine, and we got seats at a high top table right next to the dance floor.  The band came on about kl 23.30 and played through all of their songs with one break in the middle – some songs they played twice, but that was okay with me!  I have three favorites: Timmissat Taartut, Ingerlaliinnaleqaatit, and Inuinnagavit.  The first one is very upbeat and great to dance to, the second one is slower like a ballad love song, and the third one is somewhere in between – that’s the one that was the theme song for the Visit Greenland “Be a Pioneer” official tourism video that single-handedly sold me on coming here!  The lyrics are a bit hard to come by, and it would be impossible to try to sound out what they are saying, but here are some lyrics from the second song, Ingerlaliinnaleqaatit:

Uummatiga ulikkaariartormat, kissarneq tunginnut supoorpara. Qungujummik akigamma, eqqarsaatitit atuarpakka. Qaammassuaq inissereersoq, ersiginagu akuerisigu. oooouuu… Ingerlaliinnaleqaatit. Kingumut qiviartajaarunnaarlutit. oooouu… Ingerlaliinnaleqaagut. Siumukarnissaq qitiutillugu.* (the star means used again) Aappiillernerit, alianaagigalugu eqqissivunga. Sialussuit koorusaartut, tunguarnittut iijorarpakka. * Interlude *

Nanook played until close to kl 01.30, at which point we moved from Manhattan Nightclub over to the Bryghus until closing time at 03.00.  There was a three-piece band singing American cover songs like Jason Mraz “I’m Yours”, so we switched back and forth between dancing on the dance floor and hanging out in our booth.

When we left at 3 in the morning, the sun had just risen less than ten minutes earlier.  So, we never saw nighttime on this night because we went in an hour before sunset and came out a few minutes after sunrise! It is definitely something that takes time getting used to, this 21 hours of daylight in the summer thing, but it is nice.  I feel like it is good for one’s mood when everything is filled with sunshine!  I can’t imagine how Springtime must feel for Greenlanders after a winter’s worth of darkness!

I must say, though, that having a social life in Nuuk comes with a hefty price tag! One round of drinks for the four of us (3 beers and a rum & coke) was 220 DKK = $37, and then afterward a 40 cl beer (13.5 oz.) was 75 DKK = $13! Not to mention the price of the ticket (125 DKK = $21, which was definitely worth the money), coat check (30 DKK = $5), and round-trip cab fare to go about 6 miles total (105 DKK = $18)!  A girl that Sharon and I met last weekend, Ivalu, told us that in Nuuk people usually don’t go out until well after midnight because it is so expensive to buy drinks at a bar – now we see what she means!  But in any case, it was great to finally experience the night scene in Nuuk!

To hear some of Nanook’s music, go to: