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Me on the Greenland Ice Sheet in September 2017. Just one of the things that has kept me occupied since the last time I posted here on this blog.

I haven’t written anything for half a year – how on Earth can that be?! I think about it nearly every day, and I certainly have had lots of exciting moments. I make reminders to myself to write about the little ideas I jot down here and there. But I write SO much in my daily job that I think I just get burned out…

So I’m killing two bird with one stone here and giving a shameless plug to read my latest writing about Greenland over on 🙂



Relaxing Lodge Getaway Highlight on the new waterfront Ilimanaq Lodge that opened in summer 2017 in Disko Bay

8 Times the Light in Greenland was Absolutely Heavenly Greenland’s landscapes and light are a photographer’s dream

Winter Sailing a highlight about why winter on the water isn’t as scary as you think, plus where to do it

6 Instagram Shots You Must Get in Nuuk Like a social media scavenger hunt, these photo suggestions will take you running all around the capital

Greenland’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites are Pure Nature a peek at what you will find up here plus how to experience it

5 Greenlandic Foods + 1 Cocktail to Try How to ‘go native’ without eating the really exotic stuff (unless that’s your thing)

Arctic Weather: For Better or For Worse a photo collection to show all the wonderful types of weather in Greenland, plus tips on how to thrive in them

The Coolest Skiing in Greenland isn’t where you think! Watch this video of skiing in Nuuk that will leave you so pumped for the snow season

Drone Rules in Greenland what everyone needs to know before packing any drone gear

Behind the Camera An interview with professional photographer, Paul Zizka, about his photography workshops in Greenland



And, as always, my @polarphile Instagram account is where I post most frequently about the small, daily moments of #lifeatthetopoftheworld. Follow me!


9 thoughts on “Read my articles on

  1. Always enjoy your posts about Greenland! My wife and I just booked a trip to Nuuk for almost two weeks days this coming May, and many of your posts have been part of the inspiration for our trip. We’re especially looking forward to hiking around the Nuuk area. What are your favorite hiking spots around Nuuk for mid-late May? I enjoyed your summaries of Store Malene and Kingittorsuaq—are those still too snowy in May for hiking without a guide? Thanks so much, and I hope you keep up your blog.

    • Hi Stephen, thank you so much for your wonderful words. In mid- to late-May there is usually still quite a bit of snow on Ukkusissat (Store Malene) and lots of snow on Kingittorsuaq. Because Kingittorsuaq is higher than Ukkusissat, it typically keeps a snowy north face year round. Are you on Instagram? I can tag you in a picture or two I have with the mountains in the background, so you can get a visual for it. Otherwise, in late-May for hiking there is the trip around Quassussuaq (Lille Malene) which is nice and relaxing. Otherwise, I recommend going into the fjord where it’s warmer and all the snow has melted. There’s nice hiking around the Qooqqut area, plus there are cabins there for rent 🙂
      Best regards,

  2. Hey, Sarah, Glad to see your reappearance! I lost track of you for a while. Seeing in this post that you also do IG, I “followed” you nthere as well. Looking forward to future posts.

    • Hi,
      Thank you so much 🙂
      I hope you get to plan a trip to Greenland one day!

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