Takuss’ Grønland!

Well, my time in Greenland has come to a close, but on a scale of bitter to sweet, it is 99% sweet because I am coming back in March!!! Visit Greenland hired me to stay on the Mapping Project that I worked on this summer, and part of that objective will be to conduct the 2013 Spring Visitor Survey as the complement to the Summer Visitor Survey.  I could not be more excited about returning, and I think knowing exactly when I will return makes it infinitely easier for me to leave this time.  Otherwise, I think I would be having a really hard time with closing this chapter of my life…

So, in celebration of returning to Greenland in March, I am resetting the countdown calendar on this blog to count down the days until I next step foot in Greenland – 5 months and 10 days 🙂 This blog is officially in hibernation…


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