God Tur Fest

(From 22 September 2012)

I had debated off and on whether I wanted to have a going-away party. Mostly I thought I did not care to have one, but some time in the last ten days to two weeks I decided that I did want to have a get together! I invited everyone from work as well as a few of Pia and Ulrik’s friends who I had come to know pretty well. Almost everyone came except for a few that already had plans to go sailing or hunting.  It was so, so nice to be surrounded by all the people that make Greenland special for me! It was not a sad or sentimental event, really, but mostly just a fun get together of everyone with whom I have memories J

Pia and Ulrik and I made a nice menu of spring rolls (filled with vegetables, stenbidder roe, or teriyaki chicken) with peanut sauce, spinach and artichoke dip with tortilla chips, homemade muskox and reindeer sausage, homemade muskox and reindeer pate, nice cheese, bread, crackers, and other snack sorts.


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